Winemaker Anne Hubatch

How did a gal from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, grow up to become a winemaker in Oregon?

It all started with her love for the land.

In her childhood, Anne Hubatch loved the outdoors and the natural beauty of the heartland. She spent much of her youth taking walks in the woods behind her house or skipping stones on the shores of Lake Michigan. Food and cooking also played a major role in her family life, and with her grandmother’s influence, she developed an interest in wine and flavor combinations.

She pursued her love of the outdoors at the University of Wisconsin, where she earned a degree in Geology and Environmental Studies. She knew then that her career path would lead to a connection with the land.

After college, Hubatch moved to Portland, Oregon and gained hands-on exposure to Oregon’s wine industry, with a decade-long winemaking training with some of Oregon’s best winemakers: Eric Hamacher (Hamacher Wines), David Adelsheim and Dave Paige (Adelsheim Vineyard), Joe Dobbes (Dobbes Family Estate/Wine By Joe), and Alfredo Apolloni (Apolloni Vineyards).

Feeling the entrepreneurial spirit of the Oregon wine industry, Anne introduced her first solo vintage in 2009, and thus began Helioterra Wines. Over the past ten years, she has developed relationships with extraordinary grape growers throughout the Pacific Northwest, creating wines that honor the fruit and the people who grow it, without limiting herself to any particular style or type of wine.

My wines are a grounded, honest expression of my winemaking style, reflecting feminine sensibilities. They are sensuous and evocative, honoring the wine grapes and the fertile vineyards where they are grown.
— Anne Hubatch, Winemaker